Saturday, August 30, 2014

Visual Diary - Singapore

Getaway from last week - I had a mini adventure in Singapore for a couple of days (frankly, not enough at all) and got to clear my mind a little bit. The sole purpose of this trip was to spend more quality time with the fam bam because of certain reasons. Fortunately, we also ended up having a ton of fun sightseeing, getting lost strolling around, swimming (more like being a couch-potato) in the infinity pool, trying out the scariest ride I've ever been on by the harbour in Clark Quey (Xtreme Swing), and last but not least, taking the time to slow down and experience life in a whole new way. 

Enjoy. Photos-overload alert doe. Heh. :) 

Have you guys gone anywhere this summer? If so, where? If not, what have you been up to??


Saturday, August 23, 2014


It's been real in Hong Kong. Spent some incredibly valuable time with my fambam and seriously, to y'all people out there: cherish everything you've got because nothing lasts. There's no reason for anything to stay the same forever. Things change and you can either learn your lessons the easy or tough way. 

Anyway I was goofing around with my Ma and we randomly came across this (dirty) white wall! As you can probably know (or not), I love walls; hence, it became the perfect photos spot! (: This is my first time shooting with my camera phone and man I absolutely love it! It snaps such high-quality photos - well, what do you think? 

When my Ma was helping me snapping her life away, a security guard kept on giving us death-glares. In the end, we quickly ran away before we got into any sort of trouble. Lol. What an adventure, right? (But not really...)

Shirt::: unknown (Ma's)
Skort::: Zara
Purse::: Kate Spade NY
Rings::: thrifted
Necklace::: flea market in LA
Shoes::: TopShop
Hat::: Zara

How's your summer been so far? I'M GOING TO SINGAPORE TOMORROW. Such-excitement.  (Stay updated on my INSTAGRAM) Have you travelled anywhere for vacation? Soaking up all the sunlight while it lasts? Having some sleepless party nights?