Sunday, June 29, 2014

Zip It!

I was never particularly good at hunting for cheap and quality clothing at thrift-stores to begin with; but now I can finally (and proudly) say that it is one of my favourite things to do whenever I have time to spare. Thrifting has really grown on me and I often manage to find some pretty sweet deals/purchases, including this Club Monaco top I got from Crossroads Trading! 

Once again, I found out that I don't actually own any tops with a zipper in the back (dresses don't count though). When I spotted this adorable and simple shirt at Crossroads Trading, it stood out to me so much that I grabbed it and went straight to the cashier. (Well obviously don't forget to check the price too; some thrift-stores are very good at ripping broke college students like me off...) As for my skorts - I absolutely love every little detail about it. It's so elegant but at the same time casual; and the colors work perfectly well with plain and light colored tops, which I enjoy styling my skorts with, a lot. 

Anyway, I guess I can officially say that I am now drawn into dahh zipper-life! #Zippers4Lyfe         

Shirt::: Club Monaco (thrifted)
Skorts::: Pull&Bear

Shoes::: Free People
Rings::: thrifted



  1. Nice:)) xx

  2. you look amazing
    fabulous outfit
    loving the shirt

    love Vikee

  3. the skorts look super cool! :D

    cheer, michelle

  4. great skirt and love that zip detail on back! :)

    INSTAGRAM: dominikamr

  5. Love that top and skirt!

  6. I agree. You can always find something amazing at thrift-stores. :) nice top by the way. :)

  7. Great skort - you look so chic! Very fashionable